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You are the thunder and I am the lightning...

As you all probably know it's Fashion Week in Paris.
All the very best Spring-Summer 2010 Haute Couture Collections.
Here are my favourites:

Armani. Okay, the first one looks a little like it's made of diamonds, but it's still gorgeous! The second one I just love cause of the colour <3!

Givenchy- very nature-like! Does he wanna be eco?

Jean Paul Gaulthier. Yeah, I think the make-up is really ugly, but I just love the dress!



Our love is like a song... You can't forget it!

Wazzup guys?

I just got home from shopping and I bought a beautifull cape from Zara (in sales!). It was only 60 euros! I'm so happy with it!
Here's a picture of him:

I've got the picture from "", wich I really like by the way!

These are some songs I've been listening to a lot lately:

Send it on - Disney Friends For Change

Use somebody cover - Laura Janssen

Remember December - Demi Lovato

Falling Down - Selena Gomez and the Scene

Blah Blah Blah - Ke$ha

Now we're talking 'bout Ke$ha: I love that girl! And just another night, I have seen such a great picture of her with an unbelievable outfit, Here is it:

She has such a great style!
Really unique, and still rocking!

This picture was from
I'd like to say I hate it because it's a lot of gossip.. But I do love it :)!




You gave me roses but they're all just made of plastic!

I really like these pictures so: I thought I'd put them over here. I love her! Her hair and poses...

The Kiss-mouth is so funny. Everyone does it, but not that much people know how to do it.. like her! They just do it like a spoiled rich kid that wants something from her daddy! She does it.. like she's thinking! Wich I like, have I mentioned that XD?

The hat and sunglasses are really cool! The skirt is too. And the jacket. I just love the whole picture!

I love leopards.. Or is this a lion-print? I'm not that good at biology, but... I just love the jacket :)! And the bangles.

And I was a bitch. With the B of Blair Waldorf.

I was talking to some girls, and I realized somewhere in the middle of the conversation when I was saying I admired her for having an own style, even though not that much people like it.And I meant it.
And I knew that only a few years ago, I would've laughed and gossiped and said really mean things, so I'm happy I'm no bitch anymore.
I'd like to thank my BFTLAD L for that.
Thank you, baby!



Gimme a dress, a pair of shoes and shades... That's all I'm asking!


Helooo everybody!

Hi, I'm J.N.W.J.L., but you can call me J :).
my blog will be most of the time about celebs and fashion.
But also about me, so let me introduce you to me!

My BFFs: S, F, L, C, P. They rock my small cute world.
I see through beautifull (and boring) brown eyes.
I lived for a while.
I brush through long brown hair.
I'm simply complicated.
But I'm Just Lovely LittLe Me!
So... Get Used To It
...Cuz Ur Gonna Have To.

----J Xx

More Facts:

Cake day: 25th July
Colour of Preferance: Salmon pink, hot pink, grey.
Likes: Hangin with friends, chocolate, lip gloss, coke, cookies, fashion, gossip, high heels, UGGs.
Dislike: Mean People, when my hair frizzes.
Fave Movies: Twilight (Duh…), Confessions of a shopaholic, Wild Child, …
Favy Songs: Shake it, White Horse, You belong with me, Crazier, Decode, Bella’s Lullaby, Greatest Day.