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To be yourself is not a crime...



Super Natural and Original Brands.
No, it is just 'snob'. I am one, I guess.
At least people tell me I am one.
It's just, I love... Wait, I'll show you ME.

Janelle Monae. I really like this horse-riding look.

My GORGEOUS Fred Perry bag. I heart Fred Perry!

Another Fred Perry I adore.

Alessandra Ambrosio. That's me all over.

This is Tommy Hilfiger. I have these pants for a little while now, and I wear them so much! (=> when the weather is being nice to me.)

So, if these things describe me, am I a snob?
I'll let you decide. 'Cause really I don't care!

Supermodels, Fred Perry, TeenVogue, Tommy Hilfiger

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