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Laguna Beach Season 2: Episode 1

Laguna Beach Season 2: Episode 1: "Since You Been Gone"

OMG! This makes me sooooooo jealous. 2 weeks from christmas, and they're bathing in the sun? In their bikini's?? Wow, I wished I lived in Laguna Beach, 'the real Orange County'. Here, around christmas-time it's freezing!

Burberry - Burberry SS10 Campaign: Accessories Collection

Spring's in town, baby!

Spring's all about color, fun, sports and the sun!
I heart spring!


CAUTION! Hot boys alert.

When in Rome

This is Rome, right?
Okay, you can laugh and call me some dumb blonde (I'm actually a brunette, if you wanted to know!), but I guess it's Rome, right? It could be Greece... Whatever, I'm not that good at geography! But before you do it (laugh and call me a dumb blonde (or a stupid bimbo or whatever you guys call people like me)) I'd like you to know that I'm studying Latin-Greece with extra maths (and my last grade was 89%) so I'm not stupid or dumb!

Whatever, I like this pic!

EXCLUSIVE! Backstage with Taylor Momsen the First Photoshoot for her band, The Pretty

EXCLUSIVE! Backstage with Taylor Momsen the First Photoshoot for her band, The Pretty

Tay... Slut? Weird? Hot? A fashion icon? Or just... some random actress?


As yellow as it gets!

I love yellow! It puts me in a sunny and happy mood!

Zoë Kravitz

Jenna Dewan in light yellow

Vanessa Minnillo



Dooney & Bourke bag, $350. Marni shoes. A.P.C. shirt, $135. Isabel Marant shorts, $163. On bag: Missoni necklace, $185, and key chain, $310. On left hand: Eddie Borgo spike bracelet and large cuff. On right hand: Nine West knot cuff, $48. Fallon silver cuff, $190.



Hottest at Coachella

Peaches Geldof

Paris Hilton

Katy Perry -a bit... tipsy ;p?

Whitney Port

Katy Perry - in the day

Anne Hathaway

Who's hottest?


- POSH24


Style icon - Olivia Palermo

OMG, so cute!

She makes Sophia Bush - in my eyes one of the most beautiful and talented women of our generation - look ugly! Okay, so it might be the dress (short people: do not wear dresses like those!) but woooow, olivia!

My style-icon of the day: Olivia Palermo!


POSH24, Outfit Identifier


Boho Chic

I just love this boho chic style from Charlotte's Russe - great store btw!

I wish I dreamt a dream of us....

Queen CC (april)

EMMA WATSON: love her style!


Fashion is an architecture: it is a matter of proportions. Coco Chanel

Stardoll - Migliukee


Poor little bitch girl....
Style tips from Mister Eric Daman himself. Bought the book and will start reading soon!


BTW: I'm sorry for not writing so long, but I was in Egypt! Had a great time and I will post very soon some pictures of the inspiration I got there!